And then they lived happily ever after. The end.

I was the Quebec Okie. I was Saguenay Meg. I never loved her all the way. I admire some of what she did, and I cringe remembering other things.

But in the wise words of Rafiki, “It doesn’t matter, it’s in the past.”

Oh, it matters. But it is in the past. It’s over now. It’s finally over. Forever. I worried that I placed too much blame on the Saguenay. I worried that it wasn’t just the place that was wrong, that *I* was wrong. I worried that I put too much hope into a change of scenery, a new chapter. I worried that there was too much truth in the saying, “Wherever you go, THERE you are,” that the shortcomings and dissatisfaction that characterized too much of my four years in Quebec would follow me to the next place.

Those worries were without merit.

Cornwall Meg is here. And SHE. IS. AMAZING. I’m loving our new life here so hard that it literally makes me cry tears of joy from time to time. I am making new friends, just accepted an exciting new job, and am practically bursting at the seams with energy and happiness. I am shoving awesomeness out into the universe, and it’s coming back at me tenfold.

The time for this blog has passed. I’m glad I chronicled my struggles, my failures, my tiny successes. I’m glad I have a record of what was, for me, a very dark chapter in my personal story. I will never forget Saguenay Meg. I will, however, forgive her for her shortcomings. I will be forever grateful to her that she held on the the dearest thing in my life, to the love that made it all worth living through. And I will happily bid her farewell.

Thank you, Saguenay Meg. Your sacrifices were not in vain. And goodbye, Saguenay Meg. Goodbye forever.

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