The Break of Day

There have been so many changes to the narrative, so much uncertainty, so many days and nights spent in the darkness of limbo, waiting and wondering, not quite daring to hope for fear that hope would be dashed. But even the longest, darkest night can’t last forever. It has finally happened. The soft, warm light of knowledge has finally come pouring over the horizon. It’s the dawn of our new day.

Husband has his posting message. It’s official; this summer we’re leaving the Saguenay for southeastern Ontario. We finally get to close this challenging and too often unsatisfying chapter of life and begin to write something new for ourselves. After the nearly four years we’ve spent trying and failing to get life to fit well here, the relief and joy we feel is hard to express, even for this lover of words.

I close my eyes and open my mind’s eye, and I can feel myself tilting my face up, letting the light fall warmly and silkily across my skin. I feel like anything and everything is possible. I feel whole and content.

I’m ready. I’m so very ready.


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