Take a picture, Mimi

Seriously, Mimi, you should take a picture.

No, Ma, that video was pretty great. Better than a picture. You were on that merry-go-round with him, weren’t you? In the center as Sister spun you. I didn’t realize that until the second time I watched it. I remember pushing him there. It would have been May? My first visit last year, when it rained so much that the roads flooded? We went to the Purcell track a few times, and you guys took me to the gym a lot. I ran my first 5K in so long, there along the Oklahoma River. And you took a picture. I looked much faster than I am.


Sister sent me a picture. Of the run results. Damn, old lady, I’d better get moving! I’m in the high 31’s when I’m working at it. You’re going to catch up with me. I really thought I saw the last 5K you’d ever attempt in life, that thrice-damned Midnight Streak, I think it was 2010. I’m so glad I was wrong. I’m so proud of you.

Take a picture, Mimi. And send it. Sister jumping. Her silly little bay mare, who didn’t like riding until she started jumping, who only I can make goofy (WHEN will I ride a horse who can just work a damned gate without losing its mind?!?). And I love the photos of you. Riding English in 2016, who’d have thunk it?!?

Thanks for the pictures, Mimi. You can never take enough. Or send enough. I enjoy each one, whether or not I express it. Take a picture, Mimi.

We’ll take some more soon, Ma. Less than two months.

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