Autumn 2013 Edition of Q Parking

It’s been too long since I last made a “Q Parking” post. It’s certainly not due to a lack of material! I think, actually, that I’ve just come to find the utter disregard for lines in parking lots a rather mundane part of every day life here. Nevertheless, I have snapped a few good photos of various Q Parkers over the last year or so. And my husband’s prediction that I’m going to get my ass kicked in a parking lot for taking these photos has not yet proven true. So, friends, I am happy to share with you…

MORE crazy Québec Parking!

qpark4Here we see a rather standard and unimaginative job of Q Parking. Just a simple disregard for the lines and the precise angle of the parking spots, nothing special. In fairness, it IS difficult to take up more than two spaces at a time in that parking lot. Acceptable, but unremarkable. Grade of C.

qpark5This is a bit more like it. When parking a large truck, an excellent Q Parking strategy is to ensure at least half the parking space is unused, leaving at least half of the truck protruding into the lanes through which others must try to maneuver. This Q Parker also took equal parts of (the front half of) two spots. So, two spots taken, plus a protrusion into the lane. Much better, grade of B.

qpark1Another truck. This one has effectively taken four parking spots out of circulation. Definitely a worthy effort. However, I’ve seen a small car more fully utilize four spaces. And really, if someone tried (someone who was not overly concerned with whether or not he/she was parked *precisely* within the lines), I’m pretty sure this Q Parker left room for someone to park in the spot nearest the camera. There’s definitely room for improvement. Grade of B-.

qpark2Aha! Thinking outside of the box now! (Or, at least, outside of the lines.) Why take up extra spaces when you can simply eschew spaces all together?! Always additional style points when Q Parking is done directly over a “no parking” emblem or on the diagonal “don’t park here” lines. Well done, grade of A.

qpark3Interesting technique here. Synchronized Q Parking. I like it! Anyone can slam their car across lines in a parking lot with wild abandon, but not everyone can coordinate so well with an equally devil-may-care neighbor. Grade of A+ for teamwork.

qparkbunnyWhat’s this? Heck, that’s *barely* even Q Parking. That car is practically within the lines. I’ll bet someone could even park in the empty space next to it. Grade of D. Honorable mention ONLY for being the cutest Q Parker around. (Yes, that is my husband’s car. And no, he didn’t beat my ass in the parking lot, though I may have been threatened.)


And our final specimen. WHOA! Even for Q Parking, this one took some balls! Let me make sure you understand exactly what you’re seeing in this photo. The blue car on the left is PARKED and UNATTENDED in the main thoroughfare of the huge mall parking lot. This Q Parker had less than zero fucks to give. And at first glance, this would appear to be our A+, head-of-the-class, superstar Q Parker. Certainly, this is the ultimate in “je ne give pas un fuck!” However, despite the clear win on style points, this Q Parker may have finally gone too far. After entering the mall and returning to my car, I saw a police officer parked behind the blue car in question. Getting a parking ticket in the land of anything-goes parking is a clear fail. Sorry, buddy. GREAT effort, but grade of F.

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