(And yes, dear husband, “acclimate” is so a word!)

So I guess I’m starting to get used to this winter thing. It’s not like I have a choice. It’s just life here. It’s funny how quickly perspective can change. 4 or 5 inches (or 10-12 cm, for my bossy brother-in-law) of snow used to be a lot. Now, it’s just a part of life. Where once I would have holed up inside, afraid to brave the snowy roads and the perilous driving of my fellow Okies, now I just swipe the snow off the car and go without a second thought. -12°C (10°F) temperatures used to be a perfectly good reason to bitch and to avoid going outside at all costs. Now it’s a “warm up” and makes for lovely weather for outdoor activities.

My main focus now seems to be keeping my driveway clear. I’m getting pretty good at it, with the help of the snow blower my Canadian parents generously gave us and the first snow shovel I’ve ever owned. I will have a PhD in driveway-clearology by the beginning of February or so.

I tried out my new snowshoes for the first time today. I almost busted my ass, but managed to recover. I have a friend coming over in a bit to go snowshoeing with me. I haven’t yet tried out the new toboggan, but with a fresh 4 or 5 inches of snow (and still falling) and my Saguenay bestie coming home soon, I have a feeling that toboggan won’t remain a virgin for long.

I have quite the assortment of hats, scarves and gloves now. And I believe I’ve stolen the husband’s camo rain pants. I’ve got the boots with the fur, and more mittens than I know what to do with. After the husband checks in at work next week, we can start to figure out his leave situation, and possibly book a little vacation so I can finally try out skiing and snowboarding. It’s a winter of many firsts!

Yep, I’m adjusting. I need to get back to work on my french lessons again. I’m not yet sure if the family resource center will offer a class in February, but I have a plan to start some private tutoring, and the husband reminds me that I now have a base in french and can probably make better use of my Rosetta Stone. A few weeks in Ontario and the end of my french classes make me feel like I’m losing the little french I’ve managed to acquire.

It’s just life. It’s strange and new, but also mundane. There are good times and boring times. I don’t cry often like I did right after the move, but I still have my moods. The husband returning home has been more of an adjustment than I’d expected, but it’s sure nice to have him back with me in la maison grise, where he belongs. And while I couldn’t get him to put on pants to go snowshoeing today, he did agree to try out the toboggan with me soon.

C’est l’hiver, c’est l’hiver, c’est l’hiver. For a while yet!

2 thoughts on “Acclimating

  1. otterview says:

    Yay winter! It’s been cold here but little snow. Boo!! Also… My theory is that foreigners only use the metric system to make their cocks sound bigger. ;-P

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