A letter to Snowboy

Dear Snowboy (aka a representative from Robin Morin, le service de déneigement/snow removal service),

You need to come to la maison grise and tell us what it will cost and how soon you can make the snow disappear. I’m tired of having the simple act of getting into and out of our driveway be a mad adventure. I’m tired of being scared I’ll put the first ding on Bunny (the new Jetta) because there is exactly one car width carved through the packed snowbank between our home and the road. I want it to be GONE so we can keep the driveway clear enough to feel okay about inviting company over. I’ve got to warn a friend who is supposed to come over for drinks tonight that she may have trouble getting to my home because of the damned snowbank. The holidays interfered with our ability to even reach someone by phone. Now we’re waiting to see how long it will take to finally get some help.

Please get off your ass and come get our snow. Please. Before I get way too sick of winter way too early for this cold and frosty land.

The Okie

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