The silliest things

So of COURSE I miss sharing my life more completely with my best friend. I am grateful for the technology we have today. Many days he feels too far away, but so many days he feels so much closer than he is, when I can share even inconsequential things with him so easily.

Some of the things I miss, though, can’t be duplicated by facebook messages or texts or even skype dates. Tonight I grimaced when taking a mostly empty bottle of Fresca out of the fridge. I knew it would be at less than optimal fizziness. And I had two unopened bottles in the house. But alas, I’ve no one to drink my too-flat Fresca if I don’t use it up. I miss having a partner who willingly drinks the sub-par soda without complaint, so I can get right into the fizzy stuff.

I miss finding black socks on the living room floor. I miss making empty threats about throwing away the next pair I find. (Of COURSE they’re empty threats. I’d just have to buy him more if I threw those away.) Hell, I’m so insane with love and lovesickness that I ALMOST miss finding trace evidence of unspeakable things, like someone not bothering to move my toothbrush before he shaved standing above it. I miss the odd morning when he forgets his training and leaves the diverter valve turned to shower, so I get my head doused when I turn on the water.

I miss being a part of a team, saying one stupid word (DEEP! ha, baby!) and getting simultaneous giggles. I miss measuring the length of the weekend by the progress of beard growth. I miss asking questions I already know the answer to and getting that chagrined smile in return.

But I’m glad I have these silly things to miss. I’m glad I have a thick log of silly things to page through when the dark comes too early and the hours don’t seem to want to advance. There are big things that matter. And then there are all of the silly things. And every silly thing I tick off the list brings a smile.  We’ll do more silly stuff soon!

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