Even more Q parking, and a bonus!

It’s been a little while since I posted any of the photos I collect of Q parking incidents. I still see as many instances of subtle and unsubtle disregard for the lines in parking lots around here, but I don’t always stop to take photos. Sometimes I’m in a hurry, or I leave my phone in my car, or I’m just not that impressed at the time. Despite this becoming less notable through my daily exposure, I decided it was high time I shared a few images again.

Example 1:


On first glance, this looks like a tremendous parking violation. Not one, but TWO cars parked in the entryway to the parking lot. However, it’s actually quite a considerate, if creative, usage of the limited space available near the gym (photo taken from my favourite elliptical machine at the base gym). Early in the morning, the tiny parking lot by the recreational building fills up, and the nearby lot often does, as well. These two drivers managed to create two more parking spaces, perhaps cramping the ingress/egress point a bit, but not actually blocking even a single car in.

Example 2:


Here’s a more classic example. There’s no reasoning here, no careful thought to how to best use the available space. This driver simply got DONE driving at some point just before successfully maneuvering his or her vehicle between the lines.

Example 3:


Ah, this one, my friends, is special! This is a Newfie friend of mine who is fitting in better and better in this region. Way to go, ‘Bina! You made the Q parking blog! đŸ˜€

Example 4:


Ah, this looks pretty good, but the driver really has a ways to go to be a really EXPERT Q parker. I’ve seen others parked directly on top of the “no parking” graphic before. Thank you, please try again.

Special Bonus:


This is a not-uncommon sight in Quebec. What better away to announce your hunting prowess to the world then to strap a moose head onto your truck and take off down the highway. This picture courtesy of otterview. Thanks, man, for capturing this while I drove through Quebec!

2 thoughts on “Even more Q parking, and a bonus!

  1. otterview says:

    How can I resist a moose head mounted on a truck?!?

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