More Q Parking

It’s time for another examination of the Q Parking phenomenon.  I really hope I don’t end getting my ass kicked at some point for taking all these photos of parked cars!

Exhibit One:


This was at the mall, Place de Royaume. I sort of sympathize with this driver, as the parking spaces here in the Saguenay seem verry narrow. You can only try to get your big FJ between the lines and fail so many times before you give up completely. “Tabarnacle! This is as good as it’s going to get!!”

Exhibit Two:


This is more of the, “Screw it, I’m done driving!” attitude. Many of the people here seem to just tire of operating their vehicles at some point just after they enter a parking lot, and just before actually maneuvering their cars into an actual parking spot.

Exhibits Three and Four:


This is one of my personal favourites, and I see this one a lot. “I’ll be damned if the parking ends THERE!  It ends where I SAY it ends!”  I’m trying to work up my nerve to get brave enough to try this one sometime.

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